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Thales S. Teixeira

Thales S. Teixeira

is an Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, advisor to large companies and tech startups. Full Bio...

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This area of knowledge comprises advertising, digital marketing and attentional economics...


This area contains a selection of trade press and non-academic articles...


This area contains a selection of research-related videos, speeches and presentations...

Recent Publications

How to Profit From “Lean Advertising"

Online video offers a way to achieve higher engagement with consumers for far less money. Because viewers actively choose online videos, they watch them more attentively than they watch TV ads....  Read More

Television Advertising and Online Shopping

Media multitasking competes with television advertising for consumers’ attention, but may also facilitate immediate and measurable response to some advertisements. This paper explores whether and...  Read More

Why, When, and How Much to Entertain Consumers in Advertisements? A Web-Based Facial Tracking Field Study

The presence of positive entertainment (e.g., visual imagery, upbeat music, humor) in TV advertisements can make them more attractive and persuasive. However, little is known about the downside of...  Read More

Optimizing the Amount of Entertainment in Advertising

In the age of multi-media and multi-tasking, of advertising clutter and DVRs, finding ways to get consumers to pay attention has become a primary focus of advertisers. Providing entertainment in ads...  Read More

Latest News

Case Study: Can Retailers Win Back Shoppers Who Browse then Buy Online?

This case study discusses the options that brick-and-mortar retailers can use to combat the negative consequences of 'showrooming. The past couple of decades have demonstrated that the macro trend...  Read More

Newsfeeds, Beacons, and Google for Your Eyes: The Future of Shazam

The human face is a moving landscape of tremendous nuance and complexity. It is a marvel of computation that people so often effortlessly "There may be 100 million people opening the app every month,...  Read More

Hulu may offer ad-free TV, for a price

"Too much ad clutter makes some people say, 'I don’t want to be exposed to all these ads,' and they go to a competitor," says Thales Teixeira, associate professor of marketing at Harvard Business...  Read More